Ben Ladage Auctions can take care of all your selling needs, whether you have one item, antiques, a collection, or an entire estate.

Contact Ben Ladage Auctions

The first step to selling your items is to contact Ben Ladage Auctions using the information at the top of the webpage.  Ben Ladage or David Ray will then make an appointment to come view what you would like to sell and decide the best method of sale for your items.  Options for selling your items include our monthly consigment sales, other consignment sales, a specialty collectibles sale, an estate sale, or an online auction. 

Contract to Sell

 If you decide to sell your items through Ben Ladage Auctions, you will sign a contract that will specify the items to be sold, the date of the sale, and the comission percentage to be paid to Ben Ladage Auctions.   Ben Ladage Auctions will take care of advertising the sale of your items in print and social media.  You can drop your items off at Delray Hall or arrange for them to be picked up and stored until the date of the your sale. 

Day of the Sale

On the day of the sale of your items, you are welcome to attend the sale or stay home, but Ben Ladage Auctions will take care of all the work.  After the sale, Ben Ladage Auctions will mail you a summary of how your items sold and a check from the sale of your items.