We're so glad you're considering coming to an auction!  Everything you need to know about purchasing items at our sales can be found on this page.

Directions and Parking

Most of Ben Ladage Auction's sales are held at our building, Delray Hall, on the north end of Auburn, IL.  Located at 13575 N State Route 4, Delray Hall is the large white barn-looking building on the west side of the road.  Parking is available to the south of the building.   Doors to enter the building are located on the south and east sides.

Getting a Bid Number

In order to bid on items at the auction, you must first register for a bid number at the check-in window on the south side of the room.  You will need to provide a valid drivers license or state I.D.  If you would like to bid on guns or ammunition, you will need to provide a current FOID card.  All your information will be entered into our system, and we will give you a card with your bid number written on it that you will to use to bid on items during the sale.  

How to Bid

The auctioneer will move through the items at the sale, selling one item or group of items at a time.  If you would like to bid, raise your hand or bid card.  Continue to bid until you are the highest bidder (thus buying the item), or until your are outbid.  If you are the highest bidder, that item will be added to your account under your bid card number. 

How to Pay 

At the end of the sale (or when you are ready to leave), take your bid card to the check-in window and the people working there will give you a total of the items you purchased at the sale and print an itemized receipt.  Payment accepted includes cash, check, and credit/debit cards (all brands except American Express).  There is a 5% convenience fee for purchases made with credit/debit cards.  

Taking Your Purchases Home  

With the exeption of guns, your purchases can be taken home with you at the time of payment.  If you purchase something that is too large for you to take home that day, arrangements can be made to pick it up at a later date. 


If you have an item you would like to bid on, but you are unable to attend the sale, you can leave an absentee bid for that item.  Contact Ben Ladage Auctions and let them know the specific item you would like to bid on and the amount of your highest bid.  One of our ringmen will then bid for you during the auction up to your specified amount.  If your bid wins the item, we will contact you after the sale to arrange payment and pick-up.